MINISTER: We are currently being led by the Elders and Deacons guided by Elim Minister Jamys Carter.  Steve and Liz Robinson our previous Ministers have moved on to Bewdley Elim Church.


ELDER: Pat Measham

From a Christian faith background, Pat’s personal faith journey began in 1984. Joining KCC in 2013 she felt increasingly challenged to serve God more. Privileged to be part of a welcoming and caring church family who are looking to serve and impact lives for Christ. Married to Neil, with two grown-up children James and Hannah.

ELDER: Lily Lemon

Lily has been a committed Christian for over 40 years. She is widowed with 2 grown-up daughters and 3 grandchildren. She is a retired mental health worker and counsellor.  She serves in many of the church ministries and feels the call of God more to serve Him like this and seek his will.

DEACON:  Marie Stacey

Marie Stacey has been a deacon for over five years and is a tremendous support to the fellowship. She has five grown-up children and is involved with a variety of the church care and commuity activities and faithfully serves as the church Treasurer. 

DEACON:  Robert Burrows

Bob has been a member of the church for some years.  He is married with two grown up children.  He also leads the Technical Ministry and is a member of the Building Ministry.  He helps the Food Bank and is involved in helping out in many of the other church activities.