Monthly Message


                         The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

                                              Psalm 23:1



The verse in the psalm starts by telling us who God is. HE is the shepherd. A shepherd looks after the sheep and ensures their needs are met. They ensure that the sheep don’t lack anything. They make sure the sheep has all it needs, ensuring the sheep has plenty. And so it is with God. He provides for us just what our hearts, minds bodies and souls need just when we need it. Not only that, He doesn't give us the bare minimum. He gives us more than enough. He gives us plenty. At times we lose sight of this because of what we want. Want and need are very different. A shepherd doesn't provide what a sheep wants but what it needs. God doesn't provide for what we want necessarily but always for what we need. Are you ready for God to speak into your need and prove Himself the God of plenty? The God who does meet our needs just when we need it? This December turn to Him and trust Him.